Baby fat

03/02/08 seven pounds eight ounces. At the time these were only numbers on a calendar and scale.

Toward the end of my hospital stay after P’s birth, I was told she was a little small but nothing to be worried about.

My regular family doctor retired a few months after P was born and her replacement is someone I’ve replaced. Before jumping her crazy ship she let me know P was under-height. Neither her father or me could be described as tall but apparently this was a concern. She was lame, OK, change doctors.

Then there was the woman who stopped me while I was taking fourteen-month-old P on a walk around the block, to tell me, that my kiddo was too small to be walking. You would think considering the circumstances of how we met would be concrete evidence against the statement. Ok, weird, keep walking.

My sister was in the grocery store with P and a fellow customer argued when my sister told her P’s age. P was too small to be the age my sister said apparently. What?

But then there’s the lady who told a baby P to stop eating her Arrowroot biscuit because she was already “too fat.” A the same time my ex mother-in-law thought I wasn’t feeding P enough, she was “too small.”

Had any of these people stopped to think that this child’s size would continually change, that she is a human like the rest of us and everyone is of different shapes and sizes at different ages? Or what about the fact that they were freaking this new mother out with their nonsense numbers?

My daughter was being attacked for her size from day one and there was nothing extraordinarily different about her body at any point. Do North Americans really need to worry about a female body at that young of an age?

My new and intelligent doctor says P is just fine in her physical development. She eats, she plays, she’s happy. Try those stats on for size and go away.

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  1. Oh, great post. Grow Patience grow, grow, grow– just the way you were intended to!

    Following ya from bloggy moms. I’d love it if you’d join the ride at It’s a come as you are kind of place and it’d be so much sweeter if you were there with us.


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