Bullies and the baby belly

Me when I had a lot less tattoos, and a lot more belly.

A friend and co-worker of mine is pregnant and has a beautiful pregnant belly to show her entrance to her third trimester. She, like I hadn’t, does not wear maternity tops. Her non-pregnant self is a tiny girl with a model’s body (she really was a model.)

We work in an informal office with an all-but-one female staff. After this lovely lady came in to pick up her pay cheque the two office bullies could not contain their resentment to the belly that peaked through her top. This was not untypical of their behaviour but it still irked me to hear about it.

It was unprofessional attire in their eyes. One gossiper is openly and wildly racist, professional indeed. This workplace is not at all professional, which has its ups and downs. The downs being the allowed behaviour of these women the ups being there is no dress code.

Another argument was it would be different if she were skinny. Neither of these women is thin themselves, but apparently this was a valid point to them. A pregnant body is not fat; it is the body in which another human is growing.

When their initial arguments did not sway me the final attempt was, “It would be different if it were you.” I am gossiped about constantly once my back is turned or when they think I am out of earshot. Also, if my tummy is showing it is because lasagna is amazing, I don’t have the pregnancy card anymore.

“We’ve known you longer.”

We’re not talking about going all the way ladies; we are talking about a fellow mother’s (Everyone there is a parent) pregnant tummy. To allow comments like these would open doors to dictation of what a woman’s chest size should be or how they should reconstruct their face. I say high five the girl and say, “Hell ya! Our bodies are capable of this!”

Say no to bullies and yes to bellies!

14 thoughts on “Bullies and the baby belly

    Why are you trolling a parenting blog just to insult the writer’s parenting? It’s creepy actually, and it’s not about your difference in opinion. It’s your need to be adversarial in a light-hearted and well-intentioned atmosphere. Take it somewhere else.

  2. There’s a difference between an attack and opinion, but I shouldn’t expect that from someone displaying the kind of intelligence you do. You don’t know me personally enough to call me self-involved sweets. And again, you either are someone from my work who saw the outfit or judging from the picture that accompanies the article which clearly states it is not the person or outfit in question. If the latter is the case, you’re so cute pretending to have a grown up conversation while unable to read an entire article. Have a good one, precious.


    I am lucky, my friends are awesome. And thanks to you I have readers from all over the place.

  3. I guess your lucky only your friends read this blog. don’t post your opinions online if you can’t handle someone else voicing theirs. I just think people should dress professional at the workplace and cover up. Its a common courtesy to not wear clothing at work that could offend someone else. Whats the harm in wearing a shirt that fits you properly? It has absolutely nothing to do with being pregnant. If a skinny non pregnant girl came into work with a belly top id complain about that as well. For a mother your pretty self involved… Try thinking of the other persons side of the argument rather than just bullying people on a parenting blog. Not a very motherly move to have such bias opinions and not except others.

  4. WOW! Hillary I can pretty much who these “bullies ” as I worked in the same place!! and they really have some nerve maybe take a look at yourselves in the mirror and Jelousy is a really ugly character to have!! honestly it is mind Boggling to me that these “bullies” or should I say White Trash tacky RASCIST bitterly Jealous women that have such pathetic lives that they all they ever do is trash other people to make themselves feel better! i obviously dont think I know this Friend that were so terribly mean to but I say ROCK whatever she wants to where pregnant Is BEAUTIFUL!!! and they are just pissed that they dont look like that on ther best days!! so pittiful and pathetic!!!!!

  5. Dear BeProfessional,

    First and foremost I’m going to point out the obvious and that is you’re uneducated and iggnorant. Further more it’s a good thing you’re a coward and not allowing this group to know who you are because despite the fact that my dear friend Misfit is an upstanding and tactful young woman, does not mean she does not have friends that would knock out your teeth and hand them to you for making such rude and uninformed remarks on her blog. And Misfit, just remember let the haters be our motivators…. Your doing a great job in life, very proud of you….. Any parenting Mag would be blessed to have you!

  6. Are you from my work, did you see the outfit? And if you are you are one of the people who make racist comments all day or eat other people’s food from the fridge, so much for your self-righteous selflessness.

  7. That outfit is not appropriate for the workplace. maybe she doesn’t like to wear maternity clothes, but she shouldnt have her ass and stomach hanging out. Some religious types would find that very offensive and she should respect her co workers feeling instead of being so selfish and only doing what makes her happy. That won’t work once the baby comes.

  8. She is BEAUTIFUL! The bullies would really have something to say about me, if I looked like that when I was prego, I would have walked around in pasties.

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