Dang noisy kids

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Lazy mothers are why children tantrum! Harumph!

If you take public transportation, you’ve been there. If you’ve been outside your home you’ve likely been there. There you are, happy, enjoying your day, then- BAM! You hear a child crying/screaming/tantrumming/running around. And what is the mother doing? Well that lazy woman is doing nothing. For she seems to enjoy the noise, surely she is immune to the stress it causes her in addition to her immunity against the angry glares of others and under their breath comments of judgment. Why, if it were your child …

On a flight to BC my sister and I were seated next to a man who changed seats after seeing a then one-year-old Patience on my lap. He was honest as he told me with a smile he would be unable to cope with having to sit next to an infant on a plane for over three hours.

His actions were not rude, but honest. I did not expect him to move, I do not believe I deserve preferential treatment because I have a child (K, I do a little. My kid is awesome; I did a great service to the world for having her if I may speak honestly)
These actions were made based on maturity, acknowledging each other’s differences, and resolving a problem. Maturity? Solving an issue instead of passive aggressive complaining? How avant-garde. Maybe he was European.
Truth is, though the benefits of parenthood outweigh the bad, parents don’t actually like their children acting up in public. In fact, they deal with it not only in public but inside their homes as well.

All. The. Time.

Crying, screaming, fighting, all the time And at some point they need to get outside, do their groceries, get from Point A to Point B.

The people sneering were once those annoying children, and they still haven’t overcome their anger issues it seems by their sneers.

These outbursts hit the parent themselves longer and harder than they do you, the complainer. So take a deep breath and take solace in the fact it’s not you, the parent is indeed being punished.

If you’re still annoyed make an angry blog about it or something (If you do help a girl out and add me!)



“Tantrumming” is not a word according to my spell check. You know how many stupid slang terms are now considered words in the eye of the dictionary? I will not rest until tantrumming is in there!

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