Pickett and Johns

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Imaginary friends can be frightening.

Pickett and Johns are my grandchildren. Every once in a while Patience will tell me a baby is in her belly. I forget to keep track of the time before one of her creepy imaginary children are born. Pickett came first, she is not always the oldest.

Pickett came to be in a somewhat terrifying manor. One evening last year Patience pointed to a spot on the wall and said, “There she is. There’s the girl that scares me.” This was stated in the matter-of-fact spooky spawn voice used in horror films.

Pickett is a little girl who is the same age as Patience with black hair, orange eyes and a yellow dress – the dress colour varies. Patience compares Pickett’s appearance to my own at times and Boo from Monsters, Inc. at others.

Johns is a recent development. He ages at rapid speed and frequently dies of old age. He has brown hair, blue eyes, watches hockey and skateboards. She invented his appearance and personality while sitting beside my boyfriend who is of matching description. Johns used to live on his own, though Patience assured she would visit him frequently. He has since moved into our new apartment.

The kids freak me out and I hope they do you too.

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  1. I thought Pickett was a ghost that Precious was seeing until you mentioned that her dress colour varies. Because ghosts can’t change outfits. Just like cartoon characters can’t change clothes.

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