Miss Representation

Love this film. I’m sharing it here because I have a daughter. It’s a film worth seeing no matter what your gender or that of your child’s. It was really well done in explaining how women’s portrayal in the media affects their social treatment. My interview with filmmaker Jennifer Siebel-Newsom…Continue Reading

Musical chairs

Parenting seems to be like a game of musical chairs. You think things are going smoothly before you are suddenly left standing alone. Thoughts go round and round searching for a place to settle. Is calling my daughter beautiful giving her confidence or a sense that she is only worth…Continue Reading

Dang noisy kids

Lazy mothers are why children tantrum! Harumph! If you take public transportation, you’ve been there. If you’ve been outside your home you’ve likely been there. There you are, happy, enjoying your day, then- BAM! You hear a child crying/screaming/tantrumming/running around. And what is the mother doing? Well that lazy woman…Continue Reading

Pickett and Johns

Imaginary friends can be frightening. Pickett and Johns are my grandchildren. Every once in a while Patience will tell me a baby is in her belly. I forget to keep track of the time before one of her creepy imaginary children are born. Pickett came first, she is not always…Continue Reading