Dads: Caring for your own child is not babysitting

ba·by-sit bey-bee-sit]  verb, -sat, -sit·ting.

verb (used without object)


to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away.

If a babysitter is someone who watches a child whom they are not the parent to, why do I hear so many fathers say they are going to babysit their children?

“Can’t come out, babysitting tonight.”

No you’re not, you’re taking care of your offspring. You are doing the responsible thing. You are doing not only what is ethical but also what society and nature expects of you. You are not doing the mother a favour, you are being a dad.

At first hearing things liked this would make me mad for the mother, like it were such a great thing for the father to watch his own child/ren. But as I write (I’m only about 100 words in and I’ve switched) I’m mad that guys say these things because it degrades their work as fathers.

If you are a responsible father who cares for your children and takes the time to care for them, don’t downplay that. You’re playing an important and necessary role.

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