Craft time: hand imprint

A creative piece of history

I made a hand imprint with my mom a million and twelve years ago. The vivid memory of creating a piece of my personal history is remembered fondly. I passed the experience on to Patience, and she loved it. I hope she remembers it a million and twelve years later just as fondly.

First, you need to get a hold of some clay. Sure enough there is a site Really that’s all you need, that and your kiddo’s hand, preferably attached to kiddo (drum roll!)

Roll the clay out (we did so on a paper plate that also served as a frame) and make an imprint – voila! You can get as fancy as you like. My siblings painted theirs back in the day and left it at that. Mine had awesome buttons.

I dumped out my craft supply box and Patience went wild. After painting the clay and plate, she covered the piece  with stickers, ribbon, buttons, glitter and those plastic thingies that come on hair ties that the brat always rips off. Some googly eyes made it on there too. This craft is ultimate to use up the odds and ends of things.

I put some varnish on it once everything else dried. It makes the print stick out from beneath the glitter, but warped the paper plate frame a bit.

I found a kit at Chapters one day and used that to be honest. It came with a pretty tin you could store the work in as well as a plastic display holder thing. It was about $20, but it isn’t a necessity, just something that was in the right place at the right time when my nostalgic mind and Chapters gift card holding fingers came across it.

This will be fun for your crafty lil one to make, but a drag for them later when it is put away or on display with the message, “Don’t touch.” Whatever you were the one who made the hand that was printed anyway.

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