The Breastfeeding Club

Awesome boobs.

People lose their minds over breastfeeding.

I breastfed P for a year. I had awesome boobs and my greedy-guts child had no problems whatsoever latching.

I am lucky because I’ve heard horror stories about babies not latching or milk not producing. That is one extra stress I am grateful to have missed.

I didn’t go out much once Patience was born for a few reasons. One, I have social anxiety and had used up all my party energy while in my teens. Another being I had no one in my life at that time that was trustworthy enough to watch another human being. The company we kept would have traded her for magic beans.

When I did decide to go out it broke my heart. I put a lot of planning into it. Though she was gone for less than twelve hours, all of which she slept, the entire evening and week prior I was a mess.

Having little to no family support, and no friends who had yet entered the realm of parenthood, I turned to the Internet.

It was the internet that explained to me the different pregnancy stages and what to expect of a newborn. The Internet that found me awesome deals and freebies, surely, the Internet would be there for me now.

It was not.

All I asked was if I stored my milk properly.

I received hundreds of judgmental words regarding “abandoning” my child. My baby would grow up unloved; our bond would be permanently broken. I was a horrible mother. These were very unpleasant things to read, from what I thought was my support group.

One – ONE – lovely woman came to my rescue. Not only did she tell the mean ladies behind the computer monitor to back off but shared with me the story of her flight attendant mother.

Her mother would leave for weeks at a time. Not only did the woman grow up adjusted, but maintained a healthy loving relationship with both her mother and her own children.

It seems some moms will find any reason to one up the other.

I never did find out if the milk was stored properly.


I pumped the milk and stored it into these snazzy ziplock type bags that had the measurement on them. I then wrote the date on them and froze the milk. Just in case you were wondering :p I forget how long it could last in there but has storing info.

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