The dark side of co-sleeping

To keep with my “sleep” theme, and because I’m busy tying Christmas loose ends, I will share with you, my little misfits, an anecdote I wrote for a past class assignment. It shares the cons of co-sleeping, and written after being peed on before leaving for school. Despite what the first sentence indicates, I’m still cool with co-sleeping :p

I’m beginning to think co-sleeping with my daughter is a bad idea. This morning, wheels turned after P let me know in her lisp tinted vocabulary,

“Sorry I peed on your bed.”

I’d like to say this is the first time I’ve heard this headache-inducing phrase, that challenges my ears not to transition into selective hearing mode. Knowing there is pee in my bed makes it pretty hard choosing sleep over showering.

“Go change your pants,” I plead, thinking this simple act will undo everything. She goes back into her room, happily talking to herself. My mind mimics the foam of my mattress, soaking it all in.

Her daycare workers suggested she stop wearing Pull-ups so she’ll learn quicker. I nodded, agreeably, genuinely enthused.

Now I’m angry with the fresh-faced workers, I want them to wash my sheets, get my shower started.

My daughter re-enters the room. She is singing the theme from Degrassi, the show we watch before I tuck her under her Strawberry Shortcake blankets, to later find her under my leopard print ones. She has a habit of sneaking into my bed at night, and a habit of peeing in it.

Before I make a decision I need to buy some new sheets.

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