Co-sleeping is cool

P NAPPING: Four or five days old and my awesome post-baby belly.

Patience and I have co-slept, sharing a room or bed, the majority of nights since she was born.

I do not regret co-sleeping (edit from 2015 – the future!)

The time spent in the hospital after P’s birth included us sleeping in our own beds side by side, and her taking naps on me. When we got home she would start out sleeping in the basinet beside my bed and end up sleeping on top of me. She was breastfed for the first year so this made it super easy, she’d eat away and I’d sleep.

“Mother-infant co sleeping with breastfeeding is humankind’s oldest and most successful sleeping arrangement,” says professor James J. McKenna, an expert on mother-infant co sleeping,  on the University of Notre Dame website.

Look at her, trying to sleep alone in this cold hard world.

She would sleep in my lap, kneeling toward me with her head on my chest. As I held her close people would say, “That’s the only way she’ll ever nap.” Yet she would nap just fine out of my lap too.

When she graduated to a crib she’d wake up and I would let her cuddle me in my bed. No negative side effects other than we both got to sleep in.

We have our own rooms now and I let her sleep in my bed. Usually, I have her fall asleep in her own bed because I need to finish work up in my own room before turning out the light. When she crawls into my bed later on, I don’t fight it.

I used to pretend I didn’t like her in my bed to avoid judgment from others. I now admit I love it.

I am very busy and the time I have alone with my daughter is cherished.

Living with her grandparents, it is hard to feel like her mom at times, but there’s no one in my room other than P and I. Yes, it sucks that she rolls around in her sleep and I’ve been peed on a couple times, but the benefits outweigh the cons.

Aaaaahhh! Affection!

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2 thoughts on “Co-sleeping is cool

  1. Thank you!

    It’s nice to know you’re not alone in the judgemental world that is parenting 🙂

    My theory is, as simple as it sounds, I look at my little girl who is healthy, happy, smart and gets compliments wherever she goes for being so amazing and I figure I’m doing something right. You do the same whenever anyone judges 😉 You know your babies best!

  2. Thank you for posting this. We’re having co-sleeping issues right now. Our baby has recently been having sleeping problems and we started letting her sleep with us when she wakes up. Everyone keeps telling us that it’s not healthy for her to sleep with us and that we should just let her cry…which breaks my heart!

    Your post just cemented my feeling that what we are doing is right for us regardless of what other people think. Thank you!

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