How-to guide on getting young children to nap

It’s the afternoon and as much as you enjoy the company of your pre-school offspring it is time they have a nap. As they sleep you can find time to finish that project or get some housework done like the time efficient parent you are. Or you can fall asleep on the couch cradling a devoured tub of ice cream whilst watching teen dramas.

1. Introduce the idea and explain there is only enough time for one more show, game, what have you.

2. Most parent resources say children thrive on routine. Be it singing them that special song before tucking them into their baby blanket or threatening to lock them in the basement with morsels of bread and a tiny bowl of water.

3. Tell them you will check up on them. This will let them know they are safe and loved. Also, there is nothing scarier then the unknown so theoretically they will be too anxious to misbehave and leave their known safe zone.

What if they get out of bed right when Chuck told Blair he loved her and you still have a scoop of Heavenly Hash and no way are you going to be put in a position where you may have to share?

4. Supernanny suggests telling them to go back to bed and kindly guide them their way. The second time is to be the same but in a firmer tone. The third strike is bringing them back to their bed saying nothing.

5. If they still insist on not sleeping out of certainty they are going to miss some extravagant party – and get their sneaky hands on that ice cream- you may try rubbing their back.

6.If they are still rolling around, singing songs or talking to their imaginary friend who is nothing but a bad influence, you may have to let go of seeing how Chuck and Blair’s date went.

By this point you are probably tired and sad. Your spirit has been crushed and your child may be upside down kicking your face.

7. Beg.

8. Pin the merciless youngin’ down, you are bigger than them. If they don’t tire themselves out from fighting they will get bored, left with no other escape but sleep.

9. You have most likely done the same.

10. Sweet dreams! says most children stop napping by five. At this age they will also be bigger and have developed more effective fighting techniques. That being said you should relish naptime now or start resistance training.

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