Tattoo for Patience

It took me a while to decide what to have tattooed in honour of my best friend.

It was when I was looking at pictures of elephants, they’re my favourite, I decided to have an elephant tattoo.

The pictures where the baby elephant holds the mother’s tail so trustingly in travel appealed to me, and I knew that was what would get.

I chose a design from a book my sister passed on to me, Drop Dead Cute. Among the artwork were pieces by artist Chinatsu Ban.Ban is known for her cute illustrations and draws the sweetest elephants in underpants.

Rick Kemp of Sinful Inflictions then tattooed my choice this past October. When I picked P up from daycare after getting the work done she exploded into laughter. She loves tracing the tattoo with her fingertips from time to time, grinning, “That’s me and my mommy.”

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4 thoughts on “Tattoo for Patience

  1. I love your tattoos! I find it the most creative way to pay homage to the people you love. I have only started my tribute to life, but I completely understand how your tattoos actually mean something to you. A pet peeve of mine is people who have silly tattoos that have no meaning to them that they only grow to regret. Think first people!

    I have a geisha on my back sitting on a rock surrounded by leaves and a sunset. Through it is says The Beatles and underneath it says Let It Be. There are lots of components that go into the making of this tattoo. First off its a cover up, the original tattoo said The Beatles but it wasn’t so desirable.

    The Beatles are my favourite band, and my lifeline. They are the reason I am who I am. She is surrounded by reeds because in ancient egypt they used a type of reeds to make papyrus to write on, and reeds grow strong and relentlessly in the swift current of the water.

    The Let It Be represents everything about who I want to be in life. I strive to not let things bother me or haunt me. I have learned to live with my decisions as take life as it come, or at least I wish to.

    The geisha is there for a more personal reason, but in the end it means be who you are, love what you do, and be proud of it. And the sunset represents that there is always another day.

    I don’t often explain what it means to people due to the lengthy explanation.

    I adore that Pay recognizes that its for her and appreciates it like she does. You have a very lovely little girl there Hill! I can’t wait to see who she is going to become in the future.

    Live Long and Prosper 🙂

  2. Oooh I’m excited for your tattoo! I have one for my nonna which is an obvious one as it says her name. Same with how I have my sisters’ initials in candy hearts and Patience’s name. My less obvious one is my blue chickie surrounded by ladybugs and a My Little Pony which are memories I have of my mom.

    As for art … I kinda do my own terrible drawing and let the artist be inspired and make something a million times better tee hee The guy who has been working on my sleeve must hate me because I am such a fan of mess and collages and I make him squeeze a million things in there :p

  3. It’s wonderful that tattoos are finally losing their negative connotation and becoming more mainstream and common in society. They’re such a beautiful form of expression.

    Tattoos have changed so much. The technology is different, the reasons for getting tattoos are different, the art work is different, it’s incredible!

    I am currently working on a tattoo in memory of my Grandad. I remember being a young girl and having him recite the nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock” to me. He also taught me my alphabet backward. Isn’t it interesting how childhood books can now be used for tattoos?

    I was wondering Hillary, what tips do you have for people searching for a piece of artwork to use for a tattoo? You’re such a creative person!

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