Renew my bus pass, save a child

Taking public transportation with Patience seems to bother everyone but me.

On a bus

I’m terrified of driving. I grew up seeing my step-mom get into car collisions and with a nonna who never drove.

If I had a car I would live in it, that would be the only justifiable reason for the purchase of such a monstrosity and the insurance – proof something is most likely to go wrong – that accompanies it.

Bonus: I am medicated, my pill bottle advises against driving.

On a train.

I’m told I can’t not drive with a child. Yet I haven’t had any magnetic pull leading me behind the wheel of some death trap.

Patience has a blast on the buses, trains, and planes – hehheh. She talks to people, dances, and sings.

I wasn’t concerned about materialistic appearances before, why would I be now? Especially now that I have a little one looking up to me?

On an aeroplane.

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2 thoughts on “Renew my bus pass, save a child

  1. Why thank you, Lisa!
    I paid a visit to your blog and look forward to reading it 🙂
    Two members of my family have Diabetes and both live happy lives, I know it must be hard but I’m sure your lil one will do the same xoxo

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