Hell is Other Parents and Other Tales of Maternal Combustion

 “‘You’re not going to just leave that tiny girl up there all alone, are you?’ the stranger asks, his tone grave. He’s pointing an accusatory finger up at my daughter, Sasha, who -giggling and triumphant, her hair aglow with the last rays of the evening- has just scaled the summit of a gigantic rock. ‘She’ll fall.'”

I smile politely. I’m used to unsolicited parental advice by now. ‘No, she won’t,’ I say, careful to keep my eyes on Sasha and on her more cautious older brother, Jacob, who’s leaning against the base of the rock, a safe thirty-odd feet below his sister, eating an icecream sandwich and pondering the mechanics of subtraction. ‘She loves this rock. Knows every crevice. And she’s older than she looks.'”

And so begins Deborah Copaken Kogan’s Hell is Other Parents and Other Tales of Maternal Combustion.

This is a fun, easy, and relatable collection of essays. In addition to dealing with unwanted parenting advice Copaken Kogan writes about dealing with other parents from  Mommy and Me classes, school, her son being cast in a Star Trek film, old lovers, neighbours, and post-baby sex.

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