Car seat expiration dates

Until modern science proves that the plastic used to make car seats disintegrates I will not believe in car seat expiration dates. I do believe companies will exploit a parent’s fear for money.

My reasoning? Imagine you are in need of a car seat and your sister gives you the one she used for her son, who at the age of six has now outgrown it. You have a free car seat and the company behind that car seat made money for one child’s use as opposed to the two.

Fear tactics ensure that more ‘unusable’ chunks of plastic into landfills.  In my opinion, destroying Earth is more damaging than using cousin Jimmy’s outgrown car seat.

Little does she know when the clock strikes midnight her car seat will turn into a pumpkin. And eat her.

A loyal Freecycle user, I offended the group by two ways. I offered P’s outgrown infant car seat, which was a hand-me-down she somehow survived using. I also asked if anyone had a booster seat kicking around.

The hate mail poured in.

I was an irresponsible, ignorant mother who was too lazy to check Walmart. Though it is not a requirement to be eco-friendly or generous to be a Freecyle user, I assumed members were and would not direct me to Walmart of all places. I was wrong. Somehow by offering an item and wanting to avoid excess in the world made me a bad mother who could only be saved by supporting a big box store.

Undeterred, I offered the offensive material via Facebook. This did not go over well either. One mother asked me if I would eat expired meat as this act was the same as reusing a car seat. She clearly forgot I was a vegetarian. I also eat mouldy food. I don’t serve it to P mind you. Nor is she a vegetarian. I don’t actually eat the mould either, I eat around it. I digress.

I eventually gave the item to a very happy ‘Freecycler’ who took it to a single mom friend of hers who needed to count her pennies, as many of us do.

Evil of me, I know.

I am still in need of a booster seat. Heck, make it a chocolate milk stained one.

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5 thoughts on “Car seat expiration dates

  1. A used booster seat?! The horror! You British Columbians don’t know when to call it quits with the crazy!

    Your seatbelt comparison provides me with another argument. Though I fear using it as soon we will all have to replace our seat belts every Moon cycle.

    Thank you for the symbol of chocolate milk stained booster seat sharing.

  2. I will be using my now 11 year old’s old booster seat and would have used the car seat but already gave it away before I knew #2 was on the way. I would check the straps to make sure they’re good (my dog chewed through the tether of the old one and had to replace that part) but since they’re made out of the same material that seat belts are made from and no one complains about selling those bad boys then you’re golden.
    If you were here Hillary then I would gladly share my chocolate milk stained booster with you.

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