The right reason to have a baby

There seems to be speculation as to why I had a baby about eight years ago. Many assume my daughter was an “accident.” Surely two tattooed, working class people in their 20s know that having a baby is not in their cards. Go hide in a dark alley, scumbags!

Oh wait, the mother must know that if she leaves the father she will become a millionaire through social assistance. Damn those single moms!

I have actually been told that my daughter was a “fix-it-baby.” Apparently, I thought that having a baby would help my ex conquer alcoholism. That is how easy addiction is to beat.

The reason we had a baby was … because we wanted a baby. We wanted a happy nuclear family like the ones neither of us had. It didn’t work out that way, but this doesn’t mean our decision was not the “right” one.

Is the right reason because a hetero, monogamous couple is already married, owns a house, picked up a golden retriever, and drives a van? Is a reason a right one because a couple’s value system includes carrying on a patriarchal bloodline?

One person’s choice is not superior to another’s. We all make decisions based on our own unique experiences. What should be evaluated is if a child’s life is full of love and happiness- not if their parents met a list of middle-class morality pre-requisites.

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